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view record City and County : Patents Lewiston Evening Journal May 1, 1869, Page 3 Abbott, L. x
view record Our Cities and County Lewiston Evening Journal Jan. 6, 1900, Page 16 Abbott, L.F. x
view record A History of Lewiston, Maine Elder, G. James Maine 974.12/L677e, Page p. 43 Abbott, Lizzie S. x
view record Lincoln Mill Pay Roll, 1846-1854 Franklin Papers Lewiston Water Power Co, Vol. No. 4, Page 381 Abbott, Lucius x
view record Editorial Staff of the Lewiston Journal (photographs) Lewiston Evening Journal June 28, 1894, Page 4 Abbott, Lyman x
view record Manufacturing and Hydro-electric Development Lewiston Evening Journal DOC 106, Page 7 Abbott, Lyman x
view record The story of the Lewiston Journal and its new plant LEWISTON 071.4182/L677j, Page 8 Abbott, Lyman x
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